44 Hours

Rotem Gross

A groundbreaking testimony of 44 hours of waking experiences under anesthesia. “I’m a simple person. Suddenly the most traumatic thing happened to me of all people. No one can understand the helplessness I felt, when I could feel nothing, but hear and understand everything”. Gil Avni found himself in a Kafkaesque situation. He lies dying in the ICU, anesthetized and ventilated, diagnosed with cerebral edema. From the medical team fighting for his life and his closest relatives coming to say their goodbyes, he learns about his final hours. These 44 hours are told through Gil’s testimony and of those who were around him. Gil’s case is already making a difference. Over a dozen medical procedures and protocols were changed.

Directors: Rotem Gross

Script: Rotem Gross

Research: Einat-Hana Shamir

Producers: Einat-Hana Shamir

Production company: Emma Productions

Editing: Rotem Gross, Irit Lechter Rudoy

Filming: Eyal Ben-Yaish

Animation: YASHINSKI Studio

Soundtrack: Yuval Bar-On

Music : Eran Prion, Ofer Prion, Yakir Ben Tov

83 Minutes | Israel | 2022 | Hebrew

Produced by
  • yes דוקו |
  • Arte