Secure Space

Oren Gvili

It is the wedding day. Along with their families, the bride and the groom are stranded within a bomb shelter, while the Second Lebanon war is raging outside, in the Israeli city of Haifa. In addition to the usual pressures involved, with wedding preparations, additional stress is caused by being jammed in the shelter. The pressure, the crowdedness, the perspiration and the sultriness are mixed with the sirens and bombings outside, leading to a new climax of fear, when the family finds the groom’s 15 year old brother roaming outside, hanging direction signs for the wedding ceremony. The groom goes out in a search for his brother leaving behind a confused and undecided bride who is now unsure about their love. As soon as he leaves the shelter, a series of events bring the groom to new conclusions about the fragileness of his present and future life.

Directors: Oren Gvili

Editing: Tal Keller

Filming: Addie Reiss

Actors : Yonatan Rozen, Abraham Selecter, Keren Barry, Yinon Cohen, Liat Goren, Rivka Bachar, Ami Weinberg, Shaady Sror, Shimon Evenzor, Hadas Kalderon and Lia Bear-

Soundtrack: Gal Tushia

Music : Michael Greilsammer

50 minutes | Israel | Hebrew