Absent God

Yoram Ron

Emmanuel Levinas, one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century, presented to the world a post-Holocaust moral philosophy, connecting the wisdom of the Talmud with modern philosophy.

The film presents Levinas’ notion of “ethics as optics,” which draws a line between the biblical prohibition of images, a unique analysis of the human face and modern-day visual representation of morality.

Directors: Yoram Ron

Script: Yoram Ron

Research: Yoram Ron

Producers: Nadav Harel, Yoram Ron

Production company: noprocess films, Arnavaz Productions

Editing: Nadav Harel

Filming: Yannig Willmann, Nadav Harel

Soundtrack: Rotem Dror

Music : Didi Erez

68 minutes | Israel, France, Belgium | 2014 | Hebrew, French, English

Produced by
  • Gesher Multicultural Film Fund |