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Michal Cohen

The story of women’s relationship with their breasts unfolds in the fitting room of a Jaffa bra shop. With each curtain opening, a woman confronts herself in the mirror, her mood dictating the framing of her shot. While attempting to find a bra that fits, she narrates her story because the story of boobs is the story of life itself. From birth, when it gives us life to the sobering reminder of mammograms, alerting us to the fact that breasts can also take it away. In between, there is a lifelong relationship – thrilling, sexy, and funny but also messy, burdensome, sometimes threatening. It’s a story that bursts out, always one step ahead of you, and even when you couldn’t or wouldn’t tell it, it is etched on your body.

Directors: Michal Cohen

Script: Michal Cohen

Research: Yuli Shiloach, Michal Cohen

Producers: Shani Sror-Ettinger, Maya Fischer, Gal Greenspan, Roi Kurland

Production company: Green Productions

Editing: Noit Geva

Filming: Talia (Tulik) Galon

Soundtrack: Ronen Nagel

Music : Gal Lev

71 minutes | Israel | 2024 | Hebrew

Produced by
  • Kan – Israeli Public Broadcasting Corp |
  • The New Fund for Cinema and Television