Jonah the Wet Nurse

Based on a short story by Asher Reich

Jonah is an orthodox undertaker. After his wife dies in childbirth, a miracle happens and he appears to have special powers. He becomes a magic man and a healer in his Neighborhood

Directors: Shalom Hagar

Script: Shalom Hagar

Producers: Hillel Roseman ,Yael Abecassis

Production company: Cassis Films

Editing: Itai Onik

Filming: Ofer Inov

Animation: Migel Merkin (Art) | Orly Ronen (Make-up)

Actors : Nir Manki, Dror Keren, Raymond Amsalem, Nuria Lusinzky

Music : Ophir Leibovitch

30 minutes | Israel | 2015 | Hebrew

Produced by
  • Mifal HaPais - Council for the Culture and Arts