Living in the Shadow of Death

Bilal Yusef

With daily acts of gun violence and over 382 civilians killed since 2019 – life in Israel’s Arab communities is unbearable. The filmmaker, unable to provide his young family with a basic notion of security, embarks on a journey to understand the limited options he has left.

Directors: Bilal Yusef

Script: Bilal Yusef

Research: Bilal Yusef

Producers: Manes Avny

Production company: AVNY Communications LTD

Editing: Keinan Tarbush

Filming: Alfred Hadad, Mwafak Oda, Bilal Yusef, Manes Avny

Soundtrack: Itzik Cohen

Music : Bishara Khell

80 minutes | Israel | 2022 | Hebrew, Arabic

Produced by
  • Kan – Israeli Public Broadcasting Corp |
  • New Israel Fund