Paris Retour

Yossi Aviram

Reuven Vardi wants to go back to Israel, the country he left over 50 years ago. He is 75 years old, recently retired, and he feels that in Paris, he has almost nothing but Pierluigi, his partner for the last 45 years. When I entered their apartment during my last visit, I immediately noticed that the old Chairs are gone.  ‘I’m selling them” said Reuven. “I do not need chairs dragged behind me when I go to heaven…” Clearly it involved more than just selling chairs. Pierluigi is 10 years younger than Reuven. For him Israel is not an option and he is fighting Reuven’s pessimism and sadness. Paris Retour is an intimate portrait of Reuven & Pierluigi, at a moment which reflects their life story and destiny facing old age.

Directors: Yossi Aviram

Script: Yossi Aviram

Producers: Liran Atzmor, Itai Ken Tor,Noemi Schory

Production company: Belfilms LTD

Editing: Sari Ezouz

Filming: Yossi Aviram

Soundtrack: Ronen Nagel

71 minutes | Israel | 2009 | Hebrew, French, Italian

Produced by
  • yes דוקו |
  • Arte