The Client

Noa Gusakov

Karin, an Israeli human rights lawyer, finds herself babysitting Nasrin, the 12-year-old daughter of her Palestinian client, for a day. While Karin is busy dealing with bureaucracy, she doesn’t notice that Nasrin is in distress. In order to help Nasrin, Karin will have to find maternal empathy she didn’t know she has inside her.

Directors: Noa Gusakov

Script: Noa Gusakov

Producers: Tal Becher and Leah Tonic

Production company: Yalla Films

Editing: Noy Barak

Filming: May Abadi Grabler

Actors : Alma Dishy, Layan Kasem

Music : Daniel Markovich

17 minutes | Israel | 2023 | Hebrew, Arabic