Time Out

Rita Borodiyanski

A portrait of a young woman from a struggling household, who serves as a soldier in the IDF checkpoint unit. When an emergency arises with her father back home, she must leave immediately. She decides to catch a young Palestinian trouble maker, in order to persuade her commander to let her go early.

Directors: Rita Borodiyanski

Script: Rita Borodiyanski

Producers: Oren Rogovin, Omer Rogovin, Kobi Mizrahi

Production company: Rogovin Brothers, KM Productions

Editing: Yotam Sas

Filming: Avner Mayer

Actors : Suzanna Papian, Masha Maria Seman, Yaniv Zanava, Eli Znaty, Noa Kadaria & Alexander Borosiyanski R.I.P

Soundtrack: Alex Feldman

Music : Alex Feldman

19 minutes | Israel | 2023 | Hebrew, Arabic, Russian