Transparent Matt – TLV Guide

Amir Feldman

A documentary project, filmed with VR360 technology. This is a tourist and alternative lifestyle guide from the point of view of the homeless living in Tel Aviv.

In this guide, the recommenders are the homeless. The viewer, the tourist, is exposed to the city from their point of view. The connection between the world of tourism and leisure and the world of the homeless creates alienation and gives the possibility of a new and critical perspective on our society.

Directors: Amir Feldman

Script: Amir Feldman

Research: Amir Feldman

Producers: Amir Feldman

Production company: Hamatpera Productions

Editing: Adam Horowitz, Amir Feldman

Filming: Amir Feldman

Soundtrack: Adam Horowitz

Music : Adam Horowitz

10 minutes | Israel | 2020 | Hebrew, English

Produced by
  • Gesher Multicultural Film Fund |
  • Mifal HaPais - Council for the Culture and Arts