Taking Pulse

Boar | Ron Justus-Segal

When there is an alert about a hole in the fence in the Moshav in which he and his parents live, Tom is convinced that it’s nothing but a group of hysterical moms. But when he is left alone at home, the fear starts to seep in. In the safe room, his sister’s room, he finds condoms. Now he has to deal with two of his greatest fears – a terrorist attack and the fact that his little sister is sexually active.


Script: Ron Justus-Segal | Production, Photography and Colorist: Tamir Levi | Editing: Tamir Levi, Gilad Adar | Actors: Shahar Debbie, Yoram Justus-Segal | Voices: Maya Justus-Abrams, Tamuz Justus-Segal | Music, Soundtrack and Sound Design: Dany Zernitsky.


Fiction | 4:49 minutes | Israel | 2024 | Hebrew

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