Taking Pulse

Left Behind | Omer Harel, Ariel Kohali

Unfortunately, the first time Mika (22) meets her new boyfriend’s mother is during his shiva, following his death in the October 7th war. As Mika hesitates about how to introduce herself, she discovers that her place has already been taken. In a short and intense stream of consciousness, we follow Mika’s attempt to gain approval for her grief.



Script: Ariel Kohali | Production: Omer Harel, Ariel Kohali | Editing: Omer Harel | Photography, Colorost: Matan Glazovsky | Actresses: Naomi Oren, Or Gross, Sharon Stark | Soundtrack and Sound Design: Shay Fahima.



Fiction | 2:14 minutes | Israel | 2024 | Hebrew

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