Taking Pulse

Shaylee’s Story | Eden Foxiniano, Yuval Haker

On the morning of October 7th, while terrorists are invading Kfar Aza, Shaylee runs away, barefoot, with a month-old baby in her arms, while her husband fights the terrorists. After 30 hours without water, she and her baby are rescued. Her husband, Yahav, is missing. Four days later the horrible news arrived. Shaylee is in her own war against time to fulfil her husband‘s will, But it’s too late.


Script: Tamar Peled, Zo Flamnbaum | Production: Lena Freidman (Line Producer), Ohad Basson (Executive Producer) | Editing (Storyboard): Yuval Haker, Eden Foxiniano, Aya Rapaport Maaravi, Nofar Alfasi | Animation: Zoë Kahana, Keren Karsik, Alon Sharabi, Dana Roth, Tom Prezman, Yuval Haker, Eden Foxiniano | Narration: Echo | Music: Tomer Katz | Soundtrack and Sound Design: Tomy Rotem | Colorist (Compositing): Alon Sivan | Graphic Animation | Design: Katy Aksenton, Opal Kodovitzky.


1:26 minutes | Israel | 2024 | English

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