Taking Pulse

Smiles | Keren Soffer

An emergency missile alarm wakes a woman up from her sleep. She sits up in her bed and finds it difficult to digest the harsh, fearful reality she lives in. All At once we enter her mind and try, alongside the protagonist, to forget the difficulties of this reality. We take a tour inside of her beautiful home and accompany her in her routine activities. However, we can’t really escape, as reality finds it’s ways to invade her daydream, slowly pulling her out of her wholesome escape.


Script: Keren Soffer and Ira Neuman | Production: Keren Soffer | Editing: Naama Melzer | Photography: Ira Neuman | Actress: Noam Chen Ephron | Music: Chava Alberstein | Soundtrack and Sound Design: Raz Harmel | Colorist: Tamar Schwarz.


Experimental |2:19 minutes | Israel | 2024 | Hebrew

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