Taking Pulse

The List | Mooly Landsman

A few days after the Black Saturday of October 7th, I came across a post written by Saar Levan, from Talmey Yosef.  A post that shook me – “The List” – out of an incomprehensible pain. Saar detailed a list of people from her life circles who were murdered, abducted, or missing. When I read the post, I felt a sense of this world’s end, the disappearance of entire circles in an instant, and how is it possible??? I asked Saar to read the post out loud, and the pain was present, bursting from every sound and tone.


Script: Mooly Landsman, Saar Levan | Production, Editing and Colorist: Mooly Landsman | Narration: Saar Levan | Music: Daniel Salmon | Soundtrack and Sound Design: Erez Eyni Shavit.


Documentary | 2:15 minutes | Israel | 2024 | Hebrew

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