Spots of Light won the Smart Award – FipaDoc 2024

We are thrilled beyond words. What an honorable achievement.

Kudos to Adam Weingrod and the production teams in Israel and Canada for taking part in this journey of this beautiful experience.



Have a look at the Jury Statement:

The Smart Jury unanimously decided to award ‘Spots of Life’ the Best Film prize in the Smart category. This VR masterpiece dives into the destiny of Dan Layani, a solider who lost his sight in war. Unimaginable in a traditional format, imparting a powerful life lesson, ‘Spots of Light’ has illuminated Biarritz Immersive with its profound storytelling, reminding us that courage and hope can indeed be found even in the darkest corners.

In the midst of full darkness, it reaffirms that one can always find his/her light.

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