A farewell letter

Elkie Leonie Hershberg

Anna (12) and her mother (40) move to a gloomy ultra-Orthodox neighborhood on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Anna, who brought a pair of bicycles with her, soon discovers that girls are not allowed to ride there.

Directors: Elkie Leonie Hershberg

Script: Elkie Leonie Hershberg

Producers: Itay Akirav, Lev Orlov

Editing: Efrat Berger Shira Meishar

Filming: Ran Aviad

Actors : Emily Granin, Yulia Tagil, Shalom Sperber, Baruch Maskovsky, Avishalom Von Shiloach

Soundtrack: Ori Kadishay

Music : Hilly Boimel

10 minutes | Israel | 2023 | Hebrew, Yiddish