Bubblegum Memory

Avi Weissblei

Dalia Friedland in her final performance struggles with the remnants of her fading memory, oscillating between the stage and the starkness of reality, where she takes on the leading role.

Directors: Avi Weissblei

Script: Avi Weissblei

Research: Avi Weissblei

Producers: Avi Weissblei

Production company: amorAim Films

Editing: Avi Weissblei

Filming: Avi Weissblei

Animation: Design - Dotan Goldwaser

Actors : Dalia Friedland

Soundtrack: Erez Eyni Shavit

Music : Amit Poznansky

75 minutes | Israel | 2024 | Hebrew

Produced by
  • HOT8