Agnes Keleti- Conquering Time

Noemi Schory

Agnes Keleti, the most decorated Jewish woman athlete of all times, celebrated her 101st birthday in January 2022 in Budapest and could still do a split. Her life was overshadowed by terrible events: persecution, loss of family members, emigration and disconnection from her roots. She lost 10 years because of the persecution of Hungarian Jews, returning to competitions only at the age of 31. In Israel, she fought relentlessly for her beloved sport at a time when Women’s Sports were marginalized.

Directors: Noemi Schory

Research: Rachel Nehushtai

Producers: Noemi Schory

Production company: Belfilms LTD

Editing: Avishay John

Soundtrack: Rei Elbaz

Music : Zipori, Erez Levi

52 minutes | Israel, Hungary | 2023 | Hebrew, Hungarian

Produced by
  • Kan – Israeli Public Broadcasting Corp