Death in Umm al-hiran

A Film by Doron Djerassi, Rafael Balulu, Emmanuel Berrebi

“Death in Umm Al-Hiran” tells one of the most shocking and significant stories that happened in Israel in the last decade, as it reveals the mechanisms behind the killing and defaming of Yaqoub Abu Al-Qia’an, a Bedouin teacher who died at the hands of the police during an eviction raid. For the first time, the film will consistently and comprehensively reveal one of the most tragic and political affairs ever to have occurred in Israel between the Bedouin population and the State of Israel.

Directors: Doron Djerassi

Script: Doron Djerassi

Research: Noa Borstein Hadad, Lily Yudinsky, Doron Djerassi

Producers: Rafael Balulu, Emmanuel Berrebi

Production company: BFILMS

Editing: Doron Djerassi. Additional editing: Boaz Leon

Filming: Avner Shahaf. Additional Shooting: Vladimir Belinski

Animation: Online: Ido Karila, Visual Effects: Adam Lewenshon

Soundtrack: Ronen Nagel

Music : Amotz Plessner

85 minutes | Israel | 2024 | Hebrew, Arabic

Produced by
  • Midarom Film Fund |
  • yes דוקו