Iris Zaki

Souad Zaki was a famous Jewish Arabic singer in 1940s Egypt. She married to a renowned
Muslim musician – Mohamed Elakkad, with whom she had a son. After Mohammed abandoned
her with their child, Souad fled to Israel, where she was consigned to live a poor life. Souad’s
granddaughter, Iris Zaki, brings her tempestuous story to life in a sweeping project that crosses
cultures, religions and cinematic form – marrying scripted period scenes and rare archival
materials with an intimate father-daughter documentary journey.

Directors: Iris Zaki

Script: Iris Zaki

Producers: Ronen Machlis-Balzam, Iris Zaki, Hila Guy, Asaf Galay, Peter Hutchison, Line Producer: Adi Sela

Production company: Metaphor Ltd.

Editing: Nili Feller

Filming: Avner Shahaf

Actors : Nur Fibak, Rivka Bacher

Soundtrack: Shahaf Wagshall

75 min | Hebrew, Arabic, English, Subtitles: Hebrew, English