Drawing Territories

Tuvi Arbel

As preparations begin for the first Israeli exhibition of five Palestinian painters of the Abu Shakra family, Karim, youngest of the five, sets out to uncover the secrets of his admired late uncle – The famous painter Aasem.

Directors: Tuvi Arbel

Script: Tuvi Arbel, David Ofek

Research: Amit Gur, Rotem Paz, Shiran Sharabani, Tuvi Arbel

Producers: Tuvi Arbel

Production company: Arbel Television

Editing: Patrick hanna, Itay barzilay

Filming: Emille Swed, Shuky Dekel

Actors : Karim Abu Shakra, Said Abu Shakra, Farid Abu shakra, Aasem Abu Shakra

Soundtrack: Rotem Dror

Music : Didi Erez

50 minutes | Israel | 2023 | Arabic, Hebrew