Drawing Territories

Tuvi Arbel

Karim has always looked up to his uncle, Assem, who was a gifted painter. Assem passed away at the young age of 29 due to cancer. During the 1970s, Assem left the village to study in Tel Aviv lining in poverty and faced difficulty obtaining papers for his drawings, mainly the Katkus as a symbol of Palestine. Both painters Assem and karim are from the Abu-Shakra family of Um-al-Fahm, which has raised five talented painters over the course of 50 years. The documentary follows Karim’s journey to interpret the profile of the phenomenon within the family.

Directors: Tuvi Arbel

Script: Tuvi Arbel, David Ofek

Research: Amit Gur, Rotem Paz, Shiran Sharabani, Tuvi Arbel

Producers: Tuvi Arbel

Production company: Arbel Television

Editing: Patrick hanna, Itay barzilay

Filming: Emille Swed, Shuky Dekel

Actors : Karim Abu Shakra, Said Abu Shakra, Farid Abu shakra, Aasem Abu Shakra

Soundtrack: Rotem Dror

Music : Didi Erez

50 minutes | Israel | 2023 | Arabic, Hebrew

Produced by
  • Kan – Israeli Public Broadcasting Corp