Get The Land back

Irmy Shik Blum, Elad Orenstein

When Irmy, a soon-to-be-dad comedian goes to his own father asking for money, he finds out that his only inheritance is a tiny piece of land in the occupied Palestinian territories. To make things worse, he also finds out that extreme-right-winged Jewish settlers have settled in his land and made a winery out of it. Together with his father, Irmy wages war on the settlers, army, and Israeli government and demands his land back! What begins as a personal quest to recover this contested piece of real estate quickly evolves into a humorous activist adventure that exposes the mechanisms of the occupation.

Directors: Irmy Shik Blum, Elad Orenstein

Script: Irmy Shik Blum, Elad Orenstein, Daniel Reeb

Research: Irmy Shik Blum

Producers: Mika Timor, Yotam Guendelman

Production company: SILVIO FILMS

Editing: Daniel Reeb

Filming: Elad Orenstein - Cinematographer

Animation: Asyia Aizenstein - Graphic Designer | Yair Nachshon - Colorist

Soundtrack: Neal Gibbs - Sound Designer & Mix

Music : Nadav Direktor - Music Consultant

74 minutes | Israel | 2024 | Hebrew

Produced by
  • yes דוקו