The Village Leagues

Tal Michael, David Ofek

It was Israel’s great political experiment in the occupied territories before the intifada: Establishing a new Palestinian leadership to replace PLO. At first, it was a success, but its architects – Palestinian and Israeli – still bear the tragic consequences.

Directors: Tal Michael, David Ofek

Script: Tal Michael, David Ofek

Research: Tal Michael, Tomer assaig

Producers: Ronnie Manor, Sagit Shalom

Production company: Maagalot Productions

Editing: Aliza Esquira

Filming: Dror Lebendiger

Soundtrack: Rotem Dror

Music : Ran Bagno

60 minutes | Israel | 2024 | Hebrew, Arabic

Produced by
  • Kan – Israeli Public Broadcasting Corp |
  • The Incubator for Documentary Filmmakers - The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute