Wanted: Roni Kalderon

Hilla Medalia, Erez Laufer

The boy for whom football was in his soul, grew up in Tel Aviv in the late 1960s without his parents who left for the USA. At 17, Roni Kalderon became the star of Hapoel Tel Aviv, and was regarded as the great promise of Israeli football. Then, he was invited to go to the Netherlands and play for the coveted Ajax football club. This was only the opening whistle for the real game of his life: he would soon find himself deep in international drug trafficking, constantly escaping from the law, until he disappeared off the face of the earth. The fantastic narratives woven around his enigmatic persona, and the mystery surrounding his disappearance, lead the viewer between reality and the myth around the promising footballer who became a drug lord.

Directors: Hilla Medalia, Erez Laufer

Script: Hilla Medalia, Erez Laufer

Research: Ran Lutzky, Jonathan Avrahami

Producers: Hilla Medalia, Jeff Hoffman

Production company: Medalia Productions, Above the Clouds

Editing: Erez Laufer

Filming: Avner Shahaf

Animation: Yoav Brill

Soundtrack: Yossi Applebaum

Music : Frank Ilfman

100 minutes | Israel | 2024 | Hebrew, English, Portuguese

Produced by
  • Mifal HaPais - Council for the Culture and Arts |
  • yes דוקו