Last stop

Julie Shles

Five minutes from the sated center of Tel Aviv, lays a huge, bold, brutal labyrinth. The city’s central station has become a compound without rules. No man’s land. It’s hard to tell who against whom is, who controls whom: The Ghanians against the Eritreans against Sudanese against the locals against anyone black or non-Jewish. A mosaic of people trying to survive while trapped in their roles in a dog-eat-dog world. Through the people, a portrait emerges, the face of this place that is that of the country. A mixture of languages, religions, locals, and foreign refugees. A gunpowder barrel that has exploded spreading fear, racism, aggression, and violence.

Directors: Julie Shles

Script: Julie Shles, Sharon Elovic

Producers: Shula Spiegel

Production company: Shula Spiegel Ltd.

Editing: Sharon Elovic

Filming: Yitzhak Portal

Soundtrack: Aviv Aldema

56 minutes | Israel | 2014 | Hebrew

Produced by
  • yes דוקו