It is written in your I.D that I am your father

Matan Yair

68-year-old Mordechai, a collector of second-hand books, lives in poverty, without a mobile phone, car or credit card and is surrounded by friends who are sure that they can tame him. The cigarette smoke in his mouth protects him, his openness and honesty raise the possibility that he is hiding something. He is divorced and has three children. He is not in contact with them and does not miss them because “they all exist”. Among the Lottery forms, green onions and parsley is a son looking for his father and the family he once had. This is a personal film that shows how, despite the gaping chasm, the possibility of a meeting is created.

Directors: Matan Yair

Script: Matan Yair

Research: Matan Yair

Producers: Matan Yair

Production company: Matan Yair, Pika Productions

Editing: Alon Harel

Filming: Matan Yair

Actors : Matan Yair, Mordechi Yair

Music : Borodin – Prince Igor

50 minutes | Israel | Hebrew