Menachem Roth

As an adolescent attending an all-male, ultra-Orthodox boarding school, director Menachem Roth was the victim of sexual abuse. Twenty years later he confronts his abuser, documenting their disturbing relationship. Simultaneously, the director must choose between religious and secular life-styles, and between parallel romantic relationships. The end product is a courageous self-portrait, where the camera becomes a weapon of entrapment as well as an instrument of redemption.

Directors: Menachem Roth

Script: Menachem Roth

Research: Michal Goren

Producers: Ron Ofer

Production company: Ron Ofer Films

Editing: Era Lapid

Filming: Yoram Milo

Soundtrack: Aviv Aldema

Music : Ran Bagno

60 minutes | Israel | 2012 | Hebrew, German, Yiddish

Produced by
  • Gesher Multicultural Film Fund |
  • The Second Authority for Television and Radio