The Black Sabbath

Meital Meshulam, Hanan Liberman

In Jerusalem, a family prepares a sabbath dinner during the 1948 war of ‏independence. As the sabbath begin a blast is heard the jewish neighborhoods are attacked in a massive artillery barrage. shells explode glass shatters in every direction, a shrapnel flies through the window, strikes the mother in her neck. she dies, immediately. The mother’s body lays in the kitchen. According to jewish law, a dead person may not be moved. She will not be moved until Saturday night. The father covers the body. The film centers around the point of view of Gadi, the four-year-old son. How will a family of 10 get through this weekend?

Directors: Meital Meshulam, Hanan Liberman

Script: Meital Meshulam

Producers: Meital Meshulam, Hanan Liberman

Production company: Moyo - Motion Productions

Animation: Shuki Gamliel

Soundtrack: Yonatan Mulian

Music : Ohad Stamati

10 minutes | Israel | 2019 | Hebrew