The Last Caravan

Lev Brodinsky

The year is 1994. A caravan site, built by the Israeli Government for immigrants from the Soviet Union, is about to be dismantled. Ilya, a 9 years old boy, remains to defend the caravan of his grandfather, who refuses to be evacuated.

Directors: Lev Brodinsky

Script: Lev Brodinsky

Producers: Alma Ben-Zeev, Yael Perlov

Editing: Yael Perlov

Filming: Eyal Malka

Actors : Daniel Hash, Boris Achanov, Alena Yiv, Ofir Weil, Eliana Schejter, Hay Davidov

Soundtrack: Ami Arad

Music : Gal Lev

13 minutes | Israel | 2019 | Russian, Hebrew