Eran Shapira

The Monument is a VR documentary that will take us to a magnificent tour inside Semyon’s life and dreams. Semyon, a 90-year-old engineer and inventor from Yeruham has a dream – at the entrance to Yeruham, he wants to build a colorful monument surrounded by lilac flowers in memory of the victory of the Red Army against the Nazis.

Directors: Eran Shapira

Script: Eliya Natalia Eizerikova, Eran Shapira

Producers: Nirit Shapira

Production company: Nirit & Eran Shapira

Editing: Eliya Natalia Eizerikova, Eran Shapira

Filming: Barak Brinker

Animation: Ilan Manor

Soundtrack: Yosi Rabinovich, Bassline

15 minutes | Israel | 2020 | Hebrew, Russian, English

Produced by
  • Kan – Israeli Public Broadcasting Corp |
  • Gesher Multicultural Film Fund