The Other City

Livi Kessel

In 2007 Livi, a photography student, moves into an empty building in downtown Haifa. Just before her loneliness urges her to leave, Shahar, Zvi, Iddo and Talia move into that very building – young artists themselves. The friendship ignites in an instant and when Zvi can’t pay his rent, they decide to rent a space together, half of which will be Zvi’s dwelling and half – an art gallery and bar. The joint work thrives and their voice is heard across the distance, but cracks begin to show, the gallery closes and they disperse. For 12 years, Livi follows their journey to fulfill their dreams as they face the reality of livelihood difficulties, manic depression and alcoholism, unfolding both intimately and lovingly, revealing the story of five friends and their maturing process.

Directors: Livi Kessel

Script: Danel elpeleg & Livi Kessel

Producers: Laila films - Itay Tamir & Ami Livne, Co-Producer: Livi Kessel

Editing: Danel elpeleg

Filming: Livi Kessel

Actors : Iddo Markus, Shahar sivan, Talia sivan, Tsvi Peterkovski, Livi Kessel

Soundtrack: DB studios - Shahaf Vagshal

Music : Ophir Leibovitch

71 minutes | Israel | 2022 | Hebrew, English

Produced by
  • The New Fund for Cinema and Television |
  • Mifal HaPais - Council for the Culture and Arts