Widow and Orphan

Vicki Cohen

Vicki and Yuval were together for four years when their child was born. A month after the birth – Yuval died. The movie deals with how Vicki’s grief evolved in real-time. It is based mainly on found footage – a montage of photos and videos chronicling the past nine years of her life – as she tells her story.

On unwillingly becoming a single mother; the aftermaths of raising a baby in a precarious state of mind; the realization of a loss not only of a partner but also of a best friend; the endless sorrow over the fact that her baby has lost his father without even knowing him, and the marvel of the mysterious power of heredity to produce a remarkable resemblance between Yuval and his son, despite his absence from the boy’s life. In light of all this, questions about the present-day also surface, about the ways of coping with loss, and about living alongside it.

Directors: Vicki Cohen

Script: Vicki Cohen

Producers: Eran Sagi, Vicki Cohen

Editing: Shimrit Shish Ronen

Filming: Vicki Cohen

Soundtrack: Uri Galon

Music : Elad Barak

17 minutes | Israel | 2022 | Hebrew