Oved Poran

A worker in a ship breaking yard is dealing with his father’s death. a work accident distort his sense of reality and combines the rusty ship body with his fathers’,  and the disease killing him. this state forces the worker to deal with repressed fears.

Directors: Oved Poran

Script: Oved Poran

Research: Oved Poran

Producers: Oved Poran

Editing: Oved Poran, Naama Shohet

Filming: Oved Poran, Liron Narunsky

Animation: Liron Narunsky, Tom Kouris, Shalev ben Elya

Soundtrack: Ori Kadishay

Music : Ori Kadishay, Ariel Leykin

11 minutes | Israel | 2023

Produced by
  • Mifal HaPais - Council for the Culture and Arts