Kafka for Kids

Roee Rosen

Kafka For Kids is a cross-generic film, combining a musical comedy with layers of drama and of political documentary. The film is set as the pilot episode for a TV series that perversely aims to make Kafka’s tales palpable for toddlers.

Makor foundation supported the short animated videos that are embedded in the full movie. The film was produced with the support of Artis, Artport, FID Lab, The Gwaertier Foundation, Steirischer-Herbst Festival, Rosenfeld Gallery, Medienboard, Israeli Lottery Fund & Municipality of The Hague.


Directors: Roee Rosen

Script: Roee Rosen

Producers: Roee Rosen, Max Lomberg

Production company: Co-produced by — Michel Balagué, Volte Films

Editing: Max Lomberg

Filming: Avner Shahaf

Animation: Ofeq Shemer, Ada Rimon

Actors : Hani Furstenberg, Jeff Francis, Eli Gorenstein, Orna Katz, Nadia Kucher, Yiftach Mizrahi, Yifeat Ziv, Ayelet Robinson, Hillel Benjamin Rosen, Yam Umi and the Igor Krutogolov Toy Orchestra

Music : Igor Krutogolov

Animation videos of about 2-3 minutes that are embedded in the full movie | Israel | Hebrew