Bird in the Room

Ari Davidovich

A documentary film about the mysterious life of poet Tirza Atar – the daughter of poet Nathan Alterman, one of the all-time paragons of Israeli and Jewish culture. Atar’s short, turbulent life remain shrouded in mystery, many years after her tragic death at the age of 36. The film fuses the fascinating parts of the life and work of this woman of prodigious talent, whose entire being was enmeshed in her complicated relationship with her father.

Directors: Ari Davidovich

Script: Ari Davidovich

Research: Ariela Alush

Producers: Ari Davidovich

Production company: HyperMedia Films

Editing: Tal Rabbiner

Filming: Rotem Yaron

Animation: Itay Ziv

Actors : Anael Blumental

Soundtrack: Aviv Aldema

Music : Asaf Amdursky

65 minutes | Israel | Hebrew