Elkie Leonie Hershberg, Tom Kouris, Hani Dombe

On a peaceful Sunday morning, a stubborn knock on the door threatens to change Richard’s life (84) forever.


Supported by Makor Foundation for Israeli films and Mifal Hapais – Israel Lottery Council for Culture & Art.

Art and Design: Hani Dombe.

Directors: Elkie Leonie Hershberg, Tom Kouris, Hani Dombe

Script: Elkie Leonie Hershberg

Producers: Tom Kouris, Hani Dombe

Production company: TOM&HANI Animation studio

Editing: Tom Kouris

Filming: Tom Kouris

Animation: Tom Kouris

Actors : Jamie Tuckett, Steve Weizman, Danielle Jadelyn

Soundtrack: Ori Kadishay and Yaara Haim

Music : Amitai Mann and Ori Kadishay

10 minutes | Israel | English

Produced by
  • Mifal HaPais - Council for the Culture and Arts