The last lap dance

Isri Halpern

The film documenting the first organization of sex workers in Israel, in the face of the public consensus to eliminate the source of their livelihood.


Winner Doc Aviv, Director Isri Halpern, expose for the first time on screen the tumultuous conflict between sex workers and those that are trying to save them from themselves and Israeli society from their kind.


The film follows over the years the ‘stripper protest’ a colorful and thought-provoking and exciting human protest, that received almost complete media disregard.

Creators: Isri Halpern

Script: Isri Halpern

הפקה: Isri Halpern

עריכה: Isri Halpern, Moty Vidan

צילום: Isri Halpern, Roni Avni

פסקול: Itamar Cristo, Michael Emet

מוסיקה: Hadara Levin Areddy